Benefits of Joining Stampin Up for Etsy Sellers

Selling paper crafts on Etsy? Here are 3 ways Stampin Up can increase your profits.

Most people have the opinion that the only way to earn with Stampin Up is through holding classes.  However, it is not the only way.  Stampin Up and Etsy are a great pairing for a home craft business!  There are several benefits of joining Stampin Up for Etsy sellers which can lead to a nice home business for you.

I have mentioned before that I initially joined Stampin Up to get the discount for myself.  I am shy and don’t really like to talk in front of groups.  So when I started to consider turning Stampin Up into a source of income, I never once considered basing my business on teaching classes.

Since I was already selling on Etsy,  I started exploring ways that I could use Stampin Up products to make handcrafted paper goods to sell on Etsy.  I focused on party favors at first then expanded into handmade cards and party decor.  It worked out very well for me.  With my Etsy income, I was able to start paying for things for my kids that we wouldn’t have been able to afford on just my husband’s salary – like musical instruments, summer camps, lessons, and day trips.

If you enjoy paper crafting, Stampin Up combined with Etsy has the potential to turn into a nice income for you.  Here are 3 benefits of joining Stampin Up for Etsy sellers:

Save up to 25% on all supplies & tools to make products for your Etsy shop

One of the biggest benefits of joining Stampin Up for Etsy sellers is the product discount.  Stampin Up demonstrators (even ones that never hold a class or workshop) get a 20-25% discount on all orders.  That’s up to 25% more profit in your pocket!

Instead of buying your paper crafting supplies and tools at retail prices, use quality Stampin Up stamps, papers, embellishments, and tools to make your Etsy products.  You get them at a discount which helps with your profit margin and you sell more because customers are well aware of Stampin Up’s quality.

Plenty of freebies to increase your bottom line

For starters, you get free product when you sign up.  The starter kit is $99, but you get to choose $125 in product.  So that is $26 in free product right off the bat.  In addition you get free shipping on your starter kit.

With every order you place of $150 or more, you earn Stampin Rewards which means free product for you.  Depending on the amount of your order, you can up to 16% in free product.  A $150 order (which isn’t hard to do when you are ordering supplies for your Etsy shop) will earn you $15 in free product.   I personally never place an order less than $150 because I want the free products to use for my Etsy store.

While the Stampin Rewards program is available to anyone, they offer demonstrators an additional way to earn product.  With every order you place (or outside orders you get if you want to hold classes as well), you will receive Flex Points.  For US demonstrators, $1 is equal to 1 Flex Point.  When you have accrued enough Flex Points, you can redeem them for free product credit to use on your next order. 

Another exclusive program for demonstrators is the Quick Start program.  If you order (or sell) $1800 in product in your first six months as a demonstrator, you will earn 1500 additional Flex Points which is the equivalent of $100 in free product.  In addition, if you qualify for Quick Start, then you will advance in rank which makes you eligible for an additional 5% discount on all your orders.

From time to time Stampin Up also has special offers to help demonstrators earn free stamp sets or products.  These promotions are a great way to build up your stamp library for use in making products for your Etsy shop

Choose what’s in your starter kit

Many Direct Sales companies send you a set starter kit.  Not so with Stampin Up.  You choose what comes in your Stampin Up starter kit.  So if you are focusing on selling on Etsy, you can choose the exact Stampin Up products to make the items you want to sell on Etsy.

I recommend looking through the current Stampin Up selection and coming up with a couple of new potential Etsy shop items you could make.  Handmade cards, party favors, and party decor all sell well on Etsy.  Then use your starter kit to get any stamp sets, dies, embellishments, paper, and adhesive that you will need to make those items for your shop.

There are other benefits of joining Stampin Up for Etsy sellers as well from a quarterly Stampin Success magazine full of potential ideas for things to sell in your Etsy shop to a great compensation plan that includes the opportunity to earn amazing vacations.  I have truly enjoyed every minute of being a Stampin Up demonstrator and it has turned into an amazing work from home opportunity for me that has greatly benefited my family.

Ready to join Stampin Up?  Click on the button below.

Benefits of joining Stampin Up


If you love paper crafting and have been considering starting an Etsy shop, it is well worth looking into joining Stampin Up to get the discount for your supplies.  If you  have any questions about joining Stampin Up, feel free to contact me.  I would love to chat with you further about the opportunity.

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